The Little Frog

My little frog friend in the morning decided to go for a swim. Silly little frog. You might not make it with all these big fish. Why don't you go back on the grass and be nice and safe.


Missionaries in the Mall

Elders Silalahi, Wyanto, Millecam, Day, Taggert, Beus enjoy a little time away from the Mission Home.


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 Mr. Elephant ate the bananas and the sack John was holding in his hand. Taman Safari July 2010

Talk about hailstones

 Too bad they are some sort of styrofoam painted like rocks. But still pretty cool idea.


A Dodo Bird and Elder

John teaches English by having fun

We have been asked by the police if we would teach an English class twice a week. We have met some very nice people; and it never hurts to get on their good side. We teach forty students and enjoy this opportunity immensely. We just smile at the guards now, and they let us into the precinct. We are on the 11th floor so that tells you how big this place is. Today we learned about subjects, verbs, and modifiers. So John's candy bars come in handy when their heads start to nod. If they can tell a current event in English, he gives them a bar. Sorry Kids, the inheritance is going fast.

Cecuk Born

Well, I guess these ladies like pictures

Our Happy Birthday Relief Society Night was one of a kind-but fun. We had rice, cakes, and other things (?).  I won 3rd prize for a delicious (box) cake. I know they just feel sorry for the Bulah that can't cook Indo food. This picture is after everything is put away.

Dad and his Buddies outside the Church


Come See Indonesia From Our Eyes

Another year- 2010. Great adventures await. Family is great. And soon this year will be over too.